Monday, March 7, 2011

crazy dancer

Have you ever seen that person out somewhere, like a concert in the park or even at a dance club that is dancing with their entire body, they look out of control and absolutely nuts? Well if you stop judging and look closer you will notice something in their faces, it is pure joy. Well that person who is dancing with no holds barred, is living in my mind. Or at least that is what I feel like. I go to bed with my mind racing, brimming with ideas or problems that need to be solved. And when I wake up in the morning there times when I have these amazing answer or ideas to try.

Today was one of those days. As some of you know I have been considering homeschooling my children. And I have some support, I have some doubters and I have some people saying it is wrong. I have thought it all through and have decided that it is right for us, for now. I am not going to use a strict curriculum, but I am going to take bits and pieces of what they are doing in school and go deeper with that. I am going to institute D.E.A.R. (thanks Linds for the name) time, through out the day. I am going to make learning fun again for them. I am going to see what THEY want to learn about and run with it! I know who would think that kids could actually let us know what they want to know more about huh?

Another idea that is not really popular in our house right now is to get rid of the cable. We lived for years without it, but we have all gotten so used to it that I think we have forgotten how to live without it. Summer will be here someday.... and we will be outside so much more. We will be in the garden that I dream about, as a family side by side working on our food supply- and at the same time we will really be working on being a family.

That little person in my mind is also working on making thing simpler for us. I have not quiet figured out where to start, but I am thinking if all else fails start on the left? So I am going to embrace my crazy dancer and find the bliss that is in their eyes.