Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ok so I have been crazy busy. Home school is coming to an end, thanks goodness seeing as I have one that is great at it and the other has no ability to control himself and would do much better in a traditional school setting. I am surprised because I thought they would both thrive on less structure, but that is not the case.

I am ok with this. The gardens are about 90% in. They were in 100% but then we got 2 weeks of strait rain and I do believe it rotted out some of my seeds. So later today I am going to get out and get dirty and replant things like zucchinis, and green beans, radishes and broccoli.

SO the BIG STEP is this.... I have 2 very rude and disrespectful children who are under the impression that they deserve anything the want or ask for. Yes in part this is my fault, in part it is the commercials on cable tv, and part is their own fault.

To remedy this we are gutting the house of all toys- except books. The cable is going bye-bye, and they are getting daily chores. They will be able to earn some of the stuff back by good behavior and respect for myself, their father and each other. The only item I cannot really take away per-say is the trampoline, but it is outside so if they want to spend their time out there then so be it.

This is going to be a month long, if not summer long experiment. So I will post regularly as to how it goes. I am curious to see if there are going to be some unseen bonus benefits that will show themselves after this summer is over.....hmmmm. Can't wait! I am expecting to be able to donate a lot of toys that are forgotten about until they are uncovered and then they all of a sudden they go from dusty junk to prized most loved toy, so that will be great for recycling. And less time picking up this junk means more time doing something that will better our furture and family!