Friday, July 22, 2011

To do lists

Ok so as a child summer seemed to last forever and now as an adult it flies by. I figured out a couple of years ago, ok ahem, probably closer to 7 years ago that if me and the kids sat down on a cold winter night and made out summer to do list that we got alot more done during the summer. So sometime back when the snow was flying we sat as a family and put together our summer to do list.

It included things like camping, fishing, catching fireflies, going out for an ice cream cone, hiking to a waterfall, riding in Grandpa's boat, going to the beach, build a sandcastle, have a bonfire, eat s'more and go berry picking. We I have to admit as we head into the middle of July we have completed that and much much more.

We have done all of that and I got a bunch of thing done off of my personal summer to do list. So far I have heard my kids squeal in delight as we pull up to the lake for a surprise trip to the beach. I got to see their eyes light up when I say you can get as big an ice cream cone as you want. I have heard them whispering in their beds as we camp about all the fun adventures they went on during that day. I have smelled sweaty and sandy sunscreen covered kids as they bend in for a hug. I have tasted my share of half eaten berries that the baby has deemed good enough to share and feed me.

Seeing as we are almost half way through this summer I can honestly not wait to see what the next half brings for me and my family. But I know if it is only half as good as the first half it will still be pretty amazing!

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