Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New direction

I got to thinking that I wanted to get back to my blog because you know I *might* not have enough to do. Okay, okay I have a ton of stuff to do but I really rarely put out there the things I do on a daily basis. So instead of blowing up Facebook with all my fabulousness I will put it here.  And just because I don't blow up Facebook doesn't mean I don't do really fabulous things, I just don't brag about it, because come on I am the original ME! And I know you all have the time to stop in and see my life- or at least blips of it right?

On that note I know this was mainly a going green page, and it still is but I also want to show you that I am not perfectly green or even pretend to be. I am not trying to pretend to be some perfect mother/wife/person who never gets stuff wrong- because I do- a lot. Heck just ask my kids they will tell you I am the meanest worst mom going!

So since starting the blog I have added at least 2 pets and lost at least that many, I have added at least 1 child if not 2. We are in the process of trying to move to a larger place which would be easy enough if we didn't have such ridiculously high needs wants. I need want it to have 3 or more acres, need want it to have 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. And we want need it to be a reasonable commute for hubby to go to work. I think he said something like he didn't want to drive more than 3 hours- errr maybe it was 40 minutes? Either way we have to move because a 1300 sq foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home in the burbs is not quite working for this lite green family of 6.

Also since starting this blog there is this new webpage- it's called Pinterest. Have you heard of it at all?? Well it is like SAHM crack. You can pretty much save webpages with all the "cool stuff" you are going to do errr try and do errr like to think you do. I would like to show you my efforts at trying out some of my "pins". Granted they do not all come out so great, some are amazing- mostly the food one, since I CAN cook like no ones business- some are epic fails. It gets humorous to say the least.

So hang on cause here we go! Or like I say to my husband on a regular basis "I saw this really cool thing on pinterest"

Today's adventure happens to be banana cake that looks delicious. Here is the link to it  http://meryhelluyere.tumblr.com/post/42054851728/banana-cake-with-cream-cheese-frosting-recipe

Now mine is in the oven, and after it is out and frosted and taste tested I will let you know how it is. But so far from licking the bowl, it has too much sugar in it :( So to help it along I think I will make a barely sweet cream cheese frosting to cut some of the sugar throat burn I think it will have. Oh yeah I also didn't think it was REALLY supposed to cook at 275 so mine is in the oven at 325.... we will see. I promise to post a pic when it is done!

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