Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday =?

Ok it is super bowl Sunday, and in our house that mean at best we are going to eat junk food, and possibly watch some of the commercials. I was blessed enough to marry a man that could care less about sports, so much so, that a week ago he couldn't have told you who was in the Super bowl.

That being said it is a quiet day here.... well as quiet as a house with 3 kids, 1 dog 2 cats and assorted other critters can be. So While hubby is outside unburing us form the snow and ice we got last night I am sitting in here hiding.

From what you ask? Well many things... one bing the umpteen loads of laundry that either need to be washed, dried or folded....or all of the above. I am hiding from the fact I have no clue what is going to be for dinner....we have a ham ready to go, but I am not really feeling it. But most of all I am hiding from bottling the first batch of Kombucha I made.

Yup I am skeered of it! First it means I have to go through the bags of bottles and cans I have to find enough to wash and fill with the kombucha. Then I have to find storage for said kombucha. And then I have to drink it all. And there is a lot... like a gallons worth. What if it blows up? What if it tastes bad? What if it tastes good but kills me?! OMG the possibilities. What I should do is go fish the mother out, see if she had babies and then go from there. Try a glass, and if it is worth keeping, bottle it up and have a bottle everyday or so. And I should start a new batch....because if it is good....well then it will be another 3 weeks till this next batch will be ready.

Oh how I wish I had been a drinker in my college years, at least then I would have a funnel to help make this bottling part easier. Ok going to snap some pictures of my stuff and the process of bottling it  up. And maybe get that laundry going just in case it is my last load ever.... you know in case the kombucha kills me. At least my kids will have clean undies for school this week!

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