Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't know if this is a quickie or a nooner?

Either way I got you reading! I really only have a few precious moments left until my charges wake up from their morning naps...that are quickly turning into afternoon naps.

So I figured out that I never posted the recipe for the 12 gallons of hand soap I made ( ok it was more like 1 gallon). So here it is!

1 bar of soap of your choice- I had Ivory on hand for my detergents.
3-4 cups boiling water.
Essential oils (optional)
Honey (optional)

grated soap, careful not to add too much knuckles, and then pour the boiling water over the soap flakes and stir until mixed. At this time add EE oils or honey or what ever it is you like in your hand soap. For mine I added 2 Tbs honey and about 6 drops of sweet orange oil. I mixed and mixed and mixed some more. I added water until it got to the right thickness for me and then I let it sit out overnight and poof it was like jello. SO I re-heated it added more water and then let it cool. At that point I was good to go to bottle it up. I filled my pumps and then filled an entire empty Downy container to the top. I am still on my first pump bottle in the kitchen and it works great, other than lacking a lather. Besides who needs lather? It is just full of air anyway!

Ok so this turned out to be a nooner. Seeing as I am done and it is barely past noon!

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