Thursday, May 5, 2011

home school

As many of you know I started to homeschool my children about 2 months ago. We have good days and bad days. Mostly good days. We have days that are totally off the chart nuts and others that are calm am scheduled.

I have found that doing the basics like spelling and math are easiest if we do that in the mornings, via worksheets or workbooks. Things like science are really a lets see what is out in the world and what strikes up a conversation. Like this weekend my hubby ws being a super sweetheart and took the kids hiking while giving mommy a break.... ok I really had stuff to do that did not invlove the big kids.

Well on the hike they found a flodded out road and in the gianormous puddle were all these swimming crawly things. Well my son jumped in being full of unharnessed exploration and grabbd up one of these slimy crawly things. put it in his drinking water bottle and they proceded to bring the prize home for mom to identify. This is what I saw.....
MOM look what I found dod doesn't know what it is... what is it? SO the home schooling teacher inside of me thinks. AHAAHA! science for the next week. So we google it and it is the Eastern Red Spotted Newt. Easy enough! So then I send my kids on the task of resreaching it and what kind of habitat it needs, food, and life cycle.  Seeing as they found it in the puddle I figured it had to be a baby and then as a teen it turns into this really cool thing.....
red-spotted newt

Now could that be anymore exciting!? As the research goes on it turns out they have already gone through that phase and are full grown adults. BUt they are wonderful for homeschooling, and heck they even seem to like the school work itself!
See he is on the path to higher learning.....

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