Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home made handsoap part 2

Ok sorry this took so long to get around to.... I got sewing late into the night...errrr morning I guess the same day I start the hand soap adventure. And well it was the weekend and well happened.

SO I got up the next morning to see my handy work- pun intended. And WTH? This is not liquid hand soap!
And no it was not that cold in my house. So I have added water... a LOT of water. And I think I finally have a product that would pass as liquid hand soap. Only one small...ok large problem. It made rough a half gallon of soap. Now I am handy and crafty but I only saved two pump bottles for the soap. So I am going to try and get my next gallon container from our milk and wash it out and store the soap in it.

But at least this has been fun, kinda, and cheap for sure. I am figuring each bottle of liquid soap is costing me roughly 15 cents to make, and I am not adding to the land fills so it is lite green. Also I used local honey in it, so that has to help out a local farmer.

So I give my homemade citrus and honey and soap a grated thumb way up!


  1. Where???? I wish one of those was a wine glass.