Wednesday, January 12, 2011

green smoothies?

So I got a book out from the library on how to make green smoothies and how good they are for you. So today I took the plunge and tried one. I went with spinach, mango and apple juice. In the blender it went. Round and round it went and all of a sudden it looked like pond scum...only a littler brighter.

Good God what have I gotten myself into!? It looks like something from a science fiction movie...or at least a horror movie. So here I stand in the kitchen all alone cup in hand. And I might add it was a big 16 oz cup full of pond scum. I ponder I plug my nose and chug.. like jumping into an ice cold pool with my nose plugged. Or do I take a micro sip...kinda like sticking a toe into said pool?

I am not a toe sticker, nor am I a nose plugger. So up to the lips it goes...once... twice...ok third time is the charm and I take a big ole swig! Swallow...breath...gag? NOPE! It turns out to be good, and not taste like pond scum, grass or even spinach for that matter! I will totally do it again.

Wait let me correct that, I will do it again and again, IF and see how BIG that if is... if it is not too much fiber for my poor body to handle. And a few hours later so far so good.

Now this health kick goes hand in hand with getting rid of my baby weight. So today I also zumba-ed and I tam thinking tomorrow I will be walking funny.....and hopefully it is just from the work out and not the green smoothie!

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