Monday, January 31, 2011

One more for January

Ok month one of January is down, done and over....well in less than 12 hours it will be. Now did I stick to becoming more green as a family. Maybe kinda in some ways. I have not had to buy hand soap yet this year...and I am thinking that I will not have to until some time in ohhhh 2020. Ok not really but having made so much from 1 bar of soap makes me feel a little greener. If nothing else it makes my wallet a little greener.

As for the homemade kombucha, it is about 2 days away from needing to be bottled, which I might add is green because of the natural carbonation in it you have to bottle it in bottles that were once used for soda bottles....yippy for re-using! This again add some green to my wallet!

And the kraut....yup it is done and perfect! I am going to start my next batch in a day or so, and in 2 days we are going to eat what I made on kraut dogs.....yummmo! No green unless you count the looks on my kiddos faces when I inform them of dinner that night hehehehehe.

I am now going to tackle the job of recycling. We are pretty good here, but I do admit that I am one to throw out the junk mail once in a while instead of walking into the garage to but it in the blue bins. I am going to figure out a way that makes it easier when it is sub zero temps to recycle the junk mail. I am thinking a box and use it to start the firs in the wood burning stove. Hmmmmm I'll figure that one out soon enough.

Oh! How could I forget? I think I have perfected my recipe for homemade laundry detergent. I found the right balance of soap and cleaners, and it is about 3 cents a load. My next big idea is going to figure out natural or at least homemade fabric softener....that does not smell like pickles....aka white vinegar. I will keep you posted when I find the time and energy to do that.

I scavenged the garage this past weekend and we found all the supplies to put the trim up around the front door.... good Lord it only took 3 years to get that up and I also found enough paint to give my bathroom a face lift! Both projects cost a grand total of 1 dollar! Yup 1 dollar spent on a new paint roller. Woohoo! I wish I had taken before pictures of the bathroom, but it is clean, and freshly painted and feels new!

So as for being green I am thinking January only held the promise of a greener wallet....not a bad thing at all. It makes us inch one inch closer to getting out to the country where I can cloth dipaer, homeschool, organically sustain our family the way my heart really really wants to.

So for February my goals to aim for are....
1- fabric softener
2- brew own beer? The kombucha and kraut were a success why not right?
3- Get my sling business up and going full force
4- learn to make my own wool and fleece soakers- I'll tell you more about this later too!
5- Map out my garden for 2011


  1. I've made kombucha before too! When I was preggo I couldn't do any prep w/ food or drink or else I would puke, so I threw my mother out. Thanks for reminding me to get a new one....gonna call my friends and get one from them! And homebrewed beer??? YUMMY!!

  2. Woot on completing goals!

    Hand soap from a bar of soap? I'm in need of hand soap for the house actually. Did you put up the how to in a earlier blog? In the future I plan to make us laundry detergent too once our stock pile is gone.

  3. Good job Mama! That's my goal too! Country sustainable life!!! You make me seem lss weird to my hubby too so thanks!! hehe I made my own deoderant, heating pads, all my own bread and I'm gonna try yogurt this week!!